Brad, Trainer/Nutritionist, Fort Collins

Chef Shannon is amazing! Everything she makes tastes wonderful and is made from scratch. She makes amazing meals. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it's always top notch! She has perfected all varieties and cultures of food, American, Mexican, Italian, Indian, etc. ,it's always healthy and delicious. Book your catering with The Roasted Beet today!

John, Accountant, Fort Collins

Everything that Chef Shannon makes is healthy and delicious. She has the knack of producing elegant and tasty food that is made using fresh healthy ingredients prepared and served in a unique and inviting way.  

Marsha, Realtor, Fort Collins

I've had the pleasure of eating Chef Shannon's food on numerous occasions and am never disappointed. You can taste her love of food and cooking in everything she makes. She uses various cooking styles to get the best flavors to shine in each dish. Always a fun and delicious experience!

Stephanie, Teacher, Fort Collins

Chef Shannon will make you smile just with the smell of her food! Beautifully presented and masterfully cooked! Her meals combine the passion that a mother puts in when feeding those she loves with the expertise of a long-time cook and high quality food lover. Chef Shannon will tailor your meals to meet your most eccentric tastes and preferences. She uses organic and sustainably grown ingredients, therefore you will be enjoying an unforgettable meal while feeling good about your impact on the environment. A must if you live in Fort Collins!

Todd, Functional Medicine Consultant, Erie

I had Chef Shannon cater a dinner for me in Fort Collins. The food was fantastic and all of the practitioners in attendance were extremely happy with everything from the presentation to the taste. Chef Shannon was very accommodating, professional and easy to work with. She uses as many local ingredients as she can. I would highly recommend The Roasted Beet for your next event.

Caroline, Video Producer, Fort Collins

Chef Shannon catered a breakfast networking event for us and we were very impressed! She made three delicious dishes, along with some amazing espresso cupcakes. Her culinary passion shines through her work with creative flavor profiles and beautiful presentation. You can tell that she takes pride in seeing people enjoy her food.  Everyone at the event loved the food and her presence.  She was a pleasure to work with, arriving early to set up and staying afterwards to help breakdown the event.  I enjoyed working with someone that puts so much passion and love into their work!